Membracon achieves 80% water reduction for key industrial process

For a supplier to the automotive industry, a wastewater recycling system from Membracon has reportedly created annual savings of more than £63,000, by reducing water usage from 108,000L/day to 21,000L/day.

Membracon can help create major savings by reducing water usage

Without site space restrictions, which limited installation to a single-pass system, Membracon is said to have been able to reduce wastewater discharge to 5,400L/day; an annual cost-saving of over £75,000. However, the newly created savings will, in time, enable the wastewater plant to be moved to a different part of the premises, allowing a secondary filtration system to be added. This will then increase savings from 80% to 95%.

Matt Williams, managing director of Membracon, said: “Nobody wants downtime and a loss in production in the pressurised automotive industry. Our customer was having to run its pre-treatment process lines at full capacity; constantly topping up the rinse tanks, which required pure water production to keep everything clean. In addition to tackling increasing costs, the company was also determined for us to help them reduce their environmental impact.”

Membracon conducted a full-spectrum analysis of the just-in-time supplier’s wastewater

By understanding the precise levels of contaminants, the most cost-effective and easy to maintain solution was then custom-designed to suit the customer’s specific needs.

The wastewater recycling system by Membracon has reportedly cleaned up the wastewater and reduced discharge; and it has enabled clean water to be reintroduced upstream, reducing the cost of fresh water brought into the process