Megaprojects: Conquering data logistics through project controls technology

Bridging stakeholders and businesses with data-driven insights to meet future demands.


Infrastructure projects continue to gain in importance. They are also gaining in size, thus the term megaproject. This is a result of both project requirements and the ambition to build assets that will serve communities for many decades to come. Yet the construction industry’s investment in the appropriate technology tools and systems to keep up with this demand has lagged.

For Sydney Water, however, new connections and insights are being realised every day. Owned by the New South Wales government, the company looks after freshwater, water treatment, plus wastewater and stormwater needs serving its five million customers throughout the city of Sydney as well as the Blue Mountains and Illawarra. By 2031, Sydney Water expects another 1.3 million people will move into its operational area, translating into half a million new homes and jobs and a 20% increase in workload.

How is it meeting these new demands?

Crews at Sydney Water have been conquering data logistics by developing fresh delivery methodologies based on sound project control technology provided by InEight. According to Mark Simister, head of programme delivery for Sydney Water, the team has been looking forward to hitting new highs in safety improvement, environmental sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Paula Perrin is senior marketing content producer and manager for industry solutions at InEight.

The full article is available in the latest edition of Water & Wastewater Asia Jul/Aug 2022 issue. To continue reading, click here.