May/June 2019


GRUNDFOS SPECIAL: Wastewater management for a sustainable future
Closer to home, nearly two billion people in the Asia Pacific region have poor or limited accessibility to water, and the number is expected to reach five billion by 2050. The crisis is exacerbated by the deteriorating quality of the water, with 90 per cent of the total wastewater generated in the region being mixed with the freshwater system without adequate treatment.

SUEZ IE Expo Interview: Better Early Than Too Late
SUEZ first entered mainland China with its Treatment Infrastructure business in 1975. Now, SUEZ NWS has over 70 joint ventures with local partners, and is helping authorities and industries develop innovative solutions to address climate change and sustainable resource management. The company has built over 260 water and wastewater treatment plants in Greater China, supplying drinking water to over 20 million people.

How IntelliSAW keeps plants healthy
Assets in plants work, until they don’t. How can plant operators ensure that everything’s running in tiptop shape, and how do they know when an asset needs to be changed or fixed to avoid future failures?