Maximising water efficiency through innovation

How the water sector can meet regulatory water efficiency targets and deliver benefits for customers and the environment is the focus of this week’s Water Action Platform webinar. 

The open webinar will explore research and technologies that address water efficiency issues, including a technology which brings an “astonishing level of detail” to water monitoring. Andrew Tucker, water efficiency manager from Thames Water will present water efficiency data for London from during the pandemic and debate the merits of the per capita consumption (PCC) measure.

Hosted by global technology and business consultancy Isle, this marks the one-year anniversary of the Water Action Platform, a global initiative that brings water companies together to share knowledge and innovation across the world.

“When we launched the Water Action Platform, it was initially designed to assist water utilities as they shared their learnings and experiences about Covid-19,” explained Piers Clark, Isle chairman and host of the Water Action Platform webinars. “After 25 webinars it has morphed into something much broader than just Covid-19, and it now has over 1,300 members from 92 countries.”

The next Water Action Platform webinar takes place on Thursday 15 April at 7.30am and 4.30pm BST.