Mascara NT becomes OSMOSUN

Known since its creation under the corporate name ‘Mascara NT’, the French company specialising in water treatment solutions with the use of renewable energies changes its name to adopt the OSMOSUN trademark already deployed around the world.

A pioneer in solar desalination, with a solution since 2015 and more than 2 million m3 of drinking water produced due to its desalination units, OSMOSUN offers an approach to water treatment which its units are powered by solar energy, without batteries and brine discharges are limited and controlled.

Originally a start-up bringing small-scale stand-alone units in remote areas around the world, OSMOSUN is now a fast-growing industrial SME providing water treatment and desalination units producing small flow rates (1-500m3) to consequent flowrates (up to 50,000m3), to private customers or communities. OSMOSUN works in more than 20 countries, spread over 4 continents.

OSMOSUN is a trademark now recognised in its markets. The name change will allow the company to have a consistent brand identity, while strengthening its visibility in the market. “We wanted a strong symbol that marks the change of dimension we are experiencing with the acceleration of our growth and that we are now an industrial SME,” said Quentin Ragetly, CEO of OSMOSUN. “The idea is also to make our identity clearer with a single brand that brings our offer under a legible, known and identifiable name both in France and abroad for all our markets.”

OSMOSUN also reflects the company’s two technological fundamentals: the use of reverse osmosis (RO) for water treatment and the use of the sun as a major source of energy. The wave of the logo, whose colour codes are based on those of water and the sun, where water access is becoming more complex everyday.

“We were born from an idea to produce fresh water to make it accessible to all. By using the sun’s energy, we create a link between water and energy. With our technology we bring a new value proposition for our planet in a sustainable way, [which is] what our name and logo convey,” said Maxime Haudebourg, its co-founder and COO.