March/April 2019


Frédéric Théry: “…sustainable solutions that addresses unique requirements”
Water treatment is important and as we progress into 2019, Frédéric Théry, Chief Executive Officer, Veolia Water Technologies of Asia Pacific shares an exclusive interview on what Veolia Water Technologies can offer, and his views and outlook for the industry.

Early leak detection significantly reduces repair cost
Sooner or later, every water distribution system will leak — both in remote rural areas as well as dense urban cities. The consequences of a pipeline leaking in a forest, forming a small stream that appears to be part of the natural surroundings, may not necessarily justify the need for leak detection systems in remote areas.

A cornerstone in Singapore’s water industry
With a globally recognised research and development ecosystem in Singapore’s water industry that is rapidly expanding to translational activities, it is no surprise that the country is formalising its water value chain.