MANN+HUMMEL to present solutions at upcoming Filtech 2023

Filtech, the filtration event held in Germany from 14-16 Feb 2023, will showcase filtration specialist MANN+HUMMEL. Adhering to its motto, ‘Leadership in filtration for cleaner mobility, cleaner air, cleaner water’, MANN+HUMMEL will present solutions from all of its business units as a key technology for a cleaner planet.

Cleaner mobility

Showcasing its media specialty in the filtration of air, cabin air, oil, fuel for vehicles with internal combustion engines and for vehicles with alternative drives, MANN+HUMMEL will feature cabin air filters for pure and clean air in vehicles. The use of a nanofibre layer in filter media increases mechanical separation, thus keeping high performance of the filters consistently over their lifetime. PM1 and ultrafine particles, which can cause health hazards due to their size, are removed from the air by nanofibre filter media. This development creates synergies in other applications, and the group also uses this technology for indoor air filtration in buildings.

The ion exchange filter IonFree prevents electric shorts in the fuel cell stack and keeps the electrical conductivity of cooling liquid low

Cleaner air

In this category, it will focus on solutions for cleaner air used to protect people, processes, and the environment. The MANN+HUMMEL Life Science & Environment and Molecular will present solutions for cleanrooms and buildings against particulate such as fine dust and molecular (for example, toxic or corrosive gases, solvents, unpleasant odours) contaminants in the air.

In times of high energy costs, air filter solutions for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications with A+ energy rating allow building operators to reduce energy costs. An example from the MANN+HUMMEL range: a change from a D-rated Airpocket Select ePM1 65% pocket filter according to Eurovent 4/21 to an A+ rated Airpocket Eco ePM1 65% allows an energy saving of 1241kWh/a and a reduction of CO2 footprint by 262kg per year.

For the adsorption of molecular pollutant gases and volatile organic compounds, MANN+HUMMEL has a variety of adsorptive filter media and filters based on activated carbon, molecular sieves and ion exchange resins.

Its OurAir series of air purifiers will be presented with the H14 air filters equipped with expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) media. They fight against numerous viral corona, influenza or other infections. New features include optionally available activated carbon and FreciousComfort filters for flexibly deployable units.

These quiet air purifiers are available in three sizes, suitable for rooms from 40-200m²

According to MANN+HUMMEL, the air purifiers catch 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, micro-organisms and allergens from the air and reduce bad odours, harmful and irritant gases. The purifiers improve the well-being of the elderly in nursing homes and the nurses’ working environment. In restaurants and fitness studios, it minimises unpleasant odours too. In times of high infection rates and rising energy costs, air purifiers suit to reduce the risk of infection in private and public buildings, as they consume less energy compared to heating up rooms after ventilation.

Cleaner water

MANN+HUMMEL also offers membrane solutions for the filtration of wastewater, drinking water, process fluids and for seawater desalination.

The membrane bioreactor (MBR), BIO-CEL M+, is optimised for use in mobile and medium-sized wastewater treatment plants, and fits into a High Cube container, which allows the construction of compact decentralised wastewater treatment plants. One unit can treat the wastewater of up to 480 population equivalent (PE) per day, corresponding to the wastewater of about 115 households.

BIO-CEL M+ features BIO-CEL UV400T, an ultrafiltration membrane to offer longevity. Together they can prevent antibiotic-resistant bacteria from entering the aquatic environment.

MANN+HUMMEL’s Seccua company, a drinking water treatment for private households, public buildings, commercial enterprises and municipalities, will present UrSpring water filter for single- and multi-family homes. The UrSpring water filter removes particles such as microplastics, rust, and turbidity, bacteria and viruses from drinking water.