MANN+HUMMEL acquires shares in Germany’s Seccua Holding AG

The German manufacturing company, MANN+HUMMEL, has announced its acquisition of shares in Seccua Holding AG.

The company invested in the filtration solutions developer based in Steingaden, Germany. Seccua was founded in 2005 and has become an innovative leader in filtration solutions without the use of chemicals.

Following its acquisition of MICRODYN-NADIR in 2015, MANN+HUMMEL has increased its focus on the water and wastewater industry.

“The topic of water treatment is becoming increasingly important. MANN+HUMMEL offers innovative solutions for clean and healthy drinking water,” commented Werner Lieberherr, President and Chief Executive Officer of the MANN+HUMMEL Group.

“We are therefore looking forward to a successful joint future and are convinced, in addition to our technology leadership, to have set perfect preconditions to achieve market leadership in the drinking water market soon.”

The private sector’s water treatment industry is expected to be worth €30bn (US$34mn) by 2025, according to a study by Grandview Research.