Major water upgrades in Western Australia complete

The Western Australian Government has completed major project work to upgrade Dalwallinu’s water infrastructure, building a higher capacity water tank to boost the town’s water supply.

The $8.1 million project has increased the Water Corporation’s capacity to store water and provide more consistent water pressure to the 350 residents and businesses in the town.

This has been achieved by building a new, larger concrete water storage tank, two new booster pump stations and 2.2km of underground water main connecting the new tank to the existing water scheme.

The new tank, which can hold up to two million litres of drinking water for the town, was constructed on Water Corporation land in Dalwallinu, opposite Strickland Drive.

The new underground pipeline was installed along Leahy Street, Strickland Drive, Great Northern Highway and Watheroo Road. The second booster pump station was built at the Water Corporation’s existing Pithara site, about 20km from Dalwallinu.

About 25 Western Australian workers were involved in the project, including locals employed by the three Dalwallinu businesses awarded contracts.

State Water Minister, Dave Kelly, said, “The new water tank, two pump stations and pipeline will provide the Dalwallinu community with greater security of supply for generations to come.

“In 2018-19, the McGowan Government through the Water Corporation will invest a total of $186 million in regional Western Australia for water, wastewater and drainage infrastructure projects.

“It was fantastic to support local businesses and WA workers through this project, with three Dalwallinu companies carrying out these infrastructure upgrades.”