Major role for Black & Veatch in Thames Water’s biggest AMP7 design-and-build framework

These wins are about delivering fully engineered solutions – in a digital environment

Black & Veatch has extended its AMP7 role with Thames Water after being appointed by main contractor Galliford Try as its Strategic Engineering Design Partner for two framework lots in London.

As Engineering Design Partner to Galliford Try, Black & Veatch will be supplying engineering services on Lot 3 and Lot 6. The former covers non infrastructure projects – water and wastewater treatment – across London in Lot 3; while the latter encompasses infrastructure projects – water and  wastewater carriage – in south London.

“These wins help complete a circle. In July we secured places on Thames’ Asset Management, and Project Management and Assurance Frameworks. These new wins are about delivering fully engineered solutions – in a digital environment – that maximises the efficiencies of modularised solutions and their effective integration and assembly into existing plants,” explained Scott Aitken, Executive Managing Director of Black & Veatch Europe. 

“Our work on Lots 3 and 6 will ensure we can assist Galliford Try to assemble and integrate new assets faster, more sustainably, efficiently and more safely.”

Lots 3 and 6 programmes will focus almost exclusively on capital enhancement and capital maintenance upgrades of existing assets. The work will provide additional resilience for water supplies and protect the enviroment for communities throughout London.

“Black & Veatch and Galliford Try have a strong collaborative relationship, working together as GTBV joint venture for Southern Water non-infrastructure programme in AMP7, GBV joint venture on Environment Agency frameworks and as part of the ESD joint venture for Scottish Water,” Aitken added. “As Thames moves to the ‘Intelligent Client’ delivery model for AMP7, success in Lots 3 and 6 – and design-and-build frameworks earlier in the year – show how responsive to clients’ needs our partnership is.”

Black & Veatch’s digital water capabilities will be central to helping create assets which will support Thames’ investment, sustainability and customer service goals. Black & Veatch’s leading-edge digital engineering and data management capabilities includes intelligent process and instrumentation diagrams (iP&IDs), 3D and 4D engineering, planning and virtual visualisation tools and the ECO-X cloud-based digital ecosystem. 

iP&IDs are the first step in the creation of a single source of engineering metadata which can be drawn upon through construction, commissioning and handover and updated throughout the assets’ operational and maintenance lifecycle.