MAB celebrates 15 years with expansion of HDPE pipe educational and technical programmes

The Municipal Advisory Board (MAB) is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Formed on 1 May 2008, MAB serves as an independent, non-commercial adviser to the municipal and industrial division of the Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI), and is made up of industry experts who volunteer their time and expertise to improve the design, installation, and operation of municipal high-density polyethylene (HDPE) water piping systems.

Created and organised by PPI’s co-chair, MAB and senior director of engineering Camille Rubeiz, a teams of experts gathered to advise municipalities on issues related to HDPE piping systems. He said, “The members lend their expertise to performing joint research on HDPE systems to resolve or clarify issues, and to address the needs of the municipalities primarily throughout North America and Europe.”

PPI MAB 15th year

Recently, MAB issued technical documents such as the ‘Design of HDPE Water Mains for the Lateral Spread Seismic Hazard’ and conducted seminars that train utility operators on the fusion and electrofusion methods for HDPE water piping systems. 

Rubeiz added, “The MAB website is the prime website within PPI that contains the full library of MAB documents, articles, papers and software.”

PPI president David Fink said that the formation of the MAB within PPI helped identify resources needed by municipalities considering use of HDPE piping systems. 

 “MAB supports the utilities and PPI in the development of installation guidelines, calculators, and education for advancing the proper use of HDPE piping systems,” he said. “These tools have advanced the opportunities for the correct design, installation, and operation of HDPE piping systems.”

It is led by Luis Aguiar, MAB co-chair and co-founder, featuring municipalities members and contributors from across the US, Canada and Europe. The group has representation from municipalities, college professors, contractors and engineering firms that bring expertise in potable water and wastewater piping infrastructure systems.