LuminUltra Introduces GeneCount™ DNA-Based Microbial Solutions

Microbiology control specialist LuminUltra today launched its revolutionary new GeneCount™ portfolio of DNA products and services, making it far easier and faster to quantify, specify and target the types of organisms found in all types of water systems, on surfaces and in solid samples.

Users of LuminUltra’s second-generation Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)-based test kits could already verify the effectiveness of water treatment initiatives through monitoring total microbiological content. Newly available GeneCount™ products and services complement LuminUltra’s flagship ATP measurement kits by identifying exactly which organisms are in a sample.

 “Our ATP technology is widely recognized as the most effective way to rapidly monitor microbiological content in water. Now, with GeneCount, we can show exactly what types of microbes are present. This allows system operators to better manage the cause and effect relationships on their systems,” said LuminUltra President and CEO Pat Whalen. “Customers who use our products and services are able to maintain stable operating conditions through proactive monitoring. They can also quickly identify and solve problems when they arise. That saves them money and helps keep systems running more smoothly.”

LuminUltra’s new DNA-based solutions will be available globally, with the initial phase of the launch focusing on the North American market.

“Our GeneCount line is flexible, so no matter what a customer’s current level of DNA knowledge, we can accommodate their needs,” said Neil Sharma, LuminUltra’s Vice President of Product Development. “That means customers can choose to use our in-house NGS and qPCR services and we’ll do the testing for them, or they can take control over their own testing by either investing in a GeneCount qPCR device for in-field testing or our workflow solution for labs wishing to start qPCR testing in-house. With all GeneCount solutions, we provide fast results, comprehensive training, and ongoing expert support.”