Lubbock company rolls out mobile app to remotely control oilfield water systems

Lubbock oilfield service company SitePro has rolled out a new mobile app that allows users to monitor and control wastewater systems in the oil patch.

The company rolled out its new mobile phone app on Monday. Going beyond the company’s mobile phone website, the mobile app allows users to monitor their oilfield water systems as well as adjust pump speeds and set tank levels for alarms and notifications.

“SitePro’s technology is fundamentally changing how the industry manages fluids across the energy landscape, and we’re excited to be a part of the digital revolution taking place in oil and gas,” SitePro CEO Aaron Phillips said in a statement.

Depending on the location, an oil or natural gas well can produce as many as 10 barrels of wastewater for every barrel of crude oil.  Much of that wastewater is stored in tanks located near the well until it can be moved by pipeline or hauled away by tanker truck for recycling or disposal.

SitePro develops portable devices that use cell phone signals or other types of internet service to monitor and control freshwater and wastewater equipment at oil and natural gas production sites.

The Lubbock company’s services come at a time when oil and natural gas industry is seeking to lower production costs through automation.

“SitePro is committed to expanding and improving the impact our products have on the digital oil field with a focus on helping our customers improve operational efficiencies while also enhancing the safety of their operations,” Phillips said.