Lifetime propeller guarantee for North Aqaba as they sign wastewater mixer and pump contract with Landia

Along with a lifetime propeller guarantee, Landia has supplied its flowmakers to North Aqaba, a city in the kingdom of Jordan that is experiencing rapid growth due to extensive construction of new hotels and resorts in its quest to become an important tourist destination.

Situated in the far south west of the country, close to the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea, the expanding Wastewater Treatment Plant will also see the installation of long-lasting submersible mixers and recirculation pumps from Landia.

Working in close conjunction with its local partner, Modern Industrial Services, Landia has provided a total of 23 units – actually decreasing the number of mixers in the plant’s anoxic tanks from sixteen to eight – thus significantly reducing installation and ongoing operational costs for many years in the future. This saving was a direct result of Landia’s detailed discussions with engineers in Jordan, who wanted to optimise the entire mixing operation and see proven history of longevity and reliability in the equipment supplied.

“We are very proud to be working in Jordan, where engineers have a firm belief and vision in creating a facility that is designed and built with robust, efficient equipment that will stand the test of time,” Thorkild Maagaard, Export Sales Director at Landia, commented. “Offering a lifetime guarantee on our stainless-steel propellers shows that we can stand by the proven worldwide track record of our pumps and mixers.”

Expansion of the Aqaba facility, featuring a new 12,000m3/day mechanical wastewater treatment plant, also includes systems for reclaimed urban and agricultural water as well as a new flow-splitter to separate influent from the mechanical plant and natural processes.