Lifequest and Biopipe India to pursue industrial and sewage wastewater treatment markets

Wastewater treatment (Image: Vishwanath S/Lifequest World)

Lifequest World focuses on decentralised, scalable wastewater treatment and reuse technologies. Through its subsidiary, Biopipe India, the company is concurrently pursuing both industrial (ETP) and sewage wastewater treatment (STP) markets.

Tanmay Pawale, the CEO of Biopipe India, stated that: “Biopipe has secured an order from a renowned multi-specialty hospital in Nashik, India.

“India is rapidly moving towards decentralised sewage treatment systems and for the past year and a half we have been working to establish a foothold in the decentralised wastewater treatment market for hospitals.

“Biopipe stands out against competition in terms of space and energy savings, no odour, no sludge and quality of treated wastewater. The small footprint of the Biopipe STP allowed the hospital to free up space to accommodate other utility systems in the allotted area.”

Enes Kutluca, the CEO of Biopipe Global, also commented: “It has been observed that the intrinsic toxicity of hospital effluents could be 5-15 times more than an urban effluent.

“Hospital sewage or wastewater can contaminate surface and ground water with a variety of potentially harmful substances, posing significant risks to people and the environment. Hospital sewage wastewater treatment is therefore essential.

“Biopipe systems is the best suited sewage treatment plant for hospitals in urban settings where onsite treatment is the only option.” 

The joint venture of Lifequest and Biopipe have produced the Abrimix ETP solution, which is an industrial wastewater treatment system, reportedly better than dissolved air floatation (DAF) and other on-site industrial wastewater treatment systems.