LG Sonic takes water quality monitoring to the next level

Presently, LG Sonic is working on the development of a new solution, MPC-Lab, to monitor water quality at varying depths in a water body. The system will communicate with MPC-View, a user-friendly cloud software that stores and analyses all received water quality data.

The development of the MPC-Lab highlights LG Sonic’s approach to the water industry, offering innovative solutions that use water quality data and environmentally-friendly technologies to provide a complete solution.

The MPC-Lab will combine numerous innovative methods that can be used to monitor water quality. MPC-Lab can be pre-set to take samples from different depths in a water body and measure any parameters on the platform.

For data transmission with the MPC-View water quality software, the system will use GPRS, 3G, or satellite. MPC-View water quality software allows the customer to find an overview of the water quality, and also allows users to set up specific alarms to inform about changing parameters or maintenance activities.

Additionally, LG Sonic will make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to further develop the software algorithm which will make it possible to predict algal blooms based on water quality data automatically.

To offer users a complete overview of the quality of water, MPC-Lab will monitor the following parameters: Phosphate (PO4), Nitrate (NO3), Ammonium (NH4), Chlorophyll a, as well as chemical oxygen demand (COD), among others. The water quality sensors are equipped with a wiper mechanism for automatic cleaning of the sensors after each reading, keeping the maintenance to a minimum and the readings accurate.