Let nothing go to waste

In a recent report by The Business Times, Philippines water & wastewater services provider, Maynilad Water Services (Maynilad), emerged top on the list of Top Green Companies in Asia as part of the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards (ACES).

According to the report, Maynilad engages in the Plant for Life programme as part of efforts to become sustainable in its operations. Plant for Life is a long-term, multi-site reforestation and afforestation programme that engages various stakeholder groups. This is achieved through formal agreements with private organisations and government agencies; and leveraging ties with non-profit institutions and other volunteer organisations.

Additionally, the company partners and empowers the indigenous communities living in watershed areas by helping them organise their cooperative, supporting their sapling nurseries, and awarding stewardship fees for maintaining the planted trees. This has enabled the indigenous peoples to gain viable alternative livelihood opportunities compared to their traditional practices that could cause environmental harm.

Originally created to reforest the watersheds in Angat, Ipo and La Mesa, the programme was later expanded to include the areas along the Manila Bay coast and Laguna Lake.

Also, Maynilad offers wastewater management services to the 17 cities and municipalities it currently serves. The company lays sewer conveyance systems and deploys septic tank cleaning trucks to collect wastewater. The wastewater is then treated at Maynilad’s facilities before it is discharged to the receiving bodies of water.

More details about Maynilad’s win can be found on The Business Times.