Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology releases new strategic plan

The Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT) Program, a joint initiative of the Water Environment Federation and The Water Research Foundation, has released a new strategic plan for 2020–2025.  The LIFT Program is an interactive forum that supports collaboration, evaluation, and testing to accelerate the deployment of innovative research and technologies across the water sector. The LIFT community engages academia, technology developers, and utility end users.

The strategic plan outlines specific actions that will contribute to four key strategic goals:

• Goal 1: Empower and Accelerate Water Technology Innovation – Empower utilities to embrace water technology innovation
• Goal 2: Energise the Water Innovation Environment – Create conditions that enable and embed innovation with partners in and beyond the water sector
• Goal 3: Broaden and Deepen the Water Innovator Community – Grow and inspire the water innovation community to advance knowledge and technology transfer
• Goal 4: Align and Grow Resources for Impact – Ensure program sustainability by focusing and augmenting the efforts, resources, and interests of stakeholders

“Providing a platform for water sector innovation is one of the main components of the Water Environment Federation’s Mission. LIFT is an outstanding program that has advanced resource recovery and technical approaches to meet the needs of utilities now and in the future,” said Jackie Jarrell, WEF President. “We look forward to continuing our productive, longstanding partnership with WRF as LIFT is reimagined for the next five years.”

“We’re thrilled that LIFT will continue to support WRF’s central role in bringing innovation to the water sector,” said Christobel Ferguson, Chief Innovation Officer at The Water Research Foundation. “LIFT is a seamless connection between our research program and the delivery of cutting-edge innovative approaches for utilities to meet the needs of the communities they serve. We’re excited to carry this successful partnership with WEF forward towards a very promising future.”

In addition to the new strategic plan, WRF and WEF are currently working together to develop a new LIFT operational plan, governance framework, and delineation of key roles and responsibilities, which will allow the LIFT Program to maximise its impact.