Latest WEF research open access article assesses performance of gravity flow membrane reactor

Evaluation of a Gravity Flow Membrane Bioreactor for Treating Municipal Wastewater by William E. Platten, Pablo Campo, Makram T. Suidan, and Albert D. Venosa, the open access article in the February 2018 issue of Water Environment Research (WER), evaluates the efficiency of a gravity flow membrane reactor to treat a municipal wastewater stream.   

“Using a gravity flow membrane bioreactor called the biomass concentrator reactor, Platten et al. achieved 93 per cent COD and 99 per cent ammonia removal,” Tim Ellis, WER Editor-in-Chief, said. “Total nitrogen removal of 46 per cent was hindered by limited COD to drive denitrification. Membrane fouling occurred on two occasions – after approximately 100 and 200 days of continuous operation, respectively – and the membrane was easily cleaned with a combination of bleach and acid.  As a gravity flow system, only 2.5 centimetres of pressure head was required to operate the membrane bioreactor.”

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