Latest Water Environment Research open access article explores benefits of metagenomic analysis

The open access article in the March 2018 issue of Water Environment Research(WER) discusses the ways metagenomics analysis aids the study of microbial populations at wastewater treatment plants. 

“In this open access paper, Rosso et al. utilised metagenomic analysis (MGA) to characterize the microbial community of an activated sludge plant experiencing a foaming incident and compared those results to a database from seven other healthy activated sludge systems,” WER Editor-in-Chief, Tim Ellis, said. “They were able to identify the populations potentially responsible for the upset. The authors propose that MGA can be used as a relatively inexpensive tool for characterising microbial populations in an effort to improve wastewater treatment plant operations.” 

Selected WER articles such as this one are available free to the public on a monthly basis through an open access program. In addition, authors can pay a fee to make their accepted articles open access. Presently, Tools for Metagenomic Analysis at Wastewater Treatment Plants: Application to a Foaming Episode by Gretchen E. Rosso; Jeffrey A. Muday; and James F. Curran is available for download on WER’s website.