LANXESS showcases all-around water treatment solutions at AQUATECH China 2016 in Shanghai

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS will showcase its all-around water treatment solutions at AQUATECH China 2016 in Shanghai. LANXESS provides innovative one-stop solutions and extensive technical knowledge to help deal with the water resource challenges China faces today and to create a comfortable and sustainable living environment. AQUATECH China 2016 will be held in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) on June 15~17.

The focus of LANXESS Liquid Purification Technologies (LPT) business unit presentation at this international trade fair is on Lewatit® ion exchange resins, Lewabrane® reverse osmosis (RO) membrane elements and LewaPlus® design software. Especially the Lewabrane® alternating strand design (ASD) for RO membranes will debut in the Chinese market. The Second LANXESS China University Students Water Resources Protection and Utilization Research Competition of “Clean Water for Better Life” is launched at the first day of this fair and the competition scale is expanded in comparison to last year.

“Nobody can live without water. Water quality does matter to human health and sustainable development of the society. However, the water quality in China today is problematic and the water ecology system is severely challenged,” said Ming Cheng Chien, CEO of LANXESS Greater China, “LANXESS pays close attention to water quality and is dedicated to ensuring water safety. We provide diversified advanced and environmental-friendly product portfolios and solutions for water treatment industry, helping create the high quality living environment.”

Only few companies provide both ion exchange resins and reverse osmosis membrane elements, the innovative products and solutions from LANXESS are widely used to treat water and other liquids in many industries, including sewage treatment, water recycling and brackish water treatment and etc., among which the most famous and important application is industrial water treatment.

Lewabrane® ASD technology debuts in Chinese market
At this international trade fair, Lewabrane® RO membrane elements assembled with novel feed spacer based on alternating strand design (ASD) will be exhibited for the first time in the Chinese market.

Three challenges are faced by today’s reverse osmosis technique: pressure drop, organic fouling and scaling. ADS type products offer a lower pressure drop as its key feature, which reduces energy consumption during operation. Besides, the novel ASD feed spacers also reduce the low-flow water zones, which is essential to decrease the risk of biofouling in particular. The ASD feed spacer technology improves the durability of RO element.

Filaments or strands of different thickness are used for the new feed spacers in contrast to standard type feed spacers with equal strands. The ASD feed spacer is manufactured through an optimized polymer extrusion process. The surface roughness of the spacer strands has been significantly reduced, which will hinder the adsorption of bacteria. The open structure of the ASD feed spacer in general reduces clogging of the feed channel and ultimately allows good cleanability in the event of, for example, scaling or organic fouling occurring during operation of the RO element.

In addition, the membrane chemical composition and membrane element structure of Lewabrane® RO element newly developed by LANXESS have undergone scientific design and rigorous engineering tests to meet the highest performance requirements for water treatment projects. Meanwhile, it provides optimized, low-cost services for downstream unit operations, such as ion exchange resin and mixed bed.

LANXESS’ Lewabrane® RO membrane elements ranging from HR, HF, FR to LE have obtained complete NSF certification, indicating that the RO membrane production process is compliant and can be used in drinking water. Lewabrane® RO membrane elements can be widely used in desalination, brackish water desalination and the treatment of other water sources and serve high-standard water treatment processes in industrial and municipal applications.

World-famous Lewatit® ion exchange resins
Lewatit® ion exchange resins help to isolate and remove dissolved particles from liquids. Ion exchange resins are used for, among other things, the removal of toxic substances from industrial waste water, as well as from groundwater. Lewatit® enables, for example, the production of ultra-pure water and steam, and thus contributes to a long operating life and increased operational reliability of machinery and equipment. Furthermore, Lewatit® is also necessary for the production of pure and uniquely tasting foods and drinks.

In household drinking water treatment, Lewatit® products are used as filter cartridges to soften water, and remove chlorine as well. These filters can also be relied upon to remove copper, lead and other heavy metal residues that are dangerous to health in the water. LANXESS is now working with POVOS to supply filter cartridges in Chinese market, turning the polluted water into safe drinking water.

Speaking of the heavy metal wastewater treatment, Lewatit® TP 207 is the ideal candidate. It could efficiently reduce emissions and help customers to improve product safety performance and boost quality of life. LANXESS is helping our manufacturing customers like Haofeng Electroplating to lower their wastewater quality key indicator to less than 1 ppb, which meets the requirement of the new national standard for wastewater discharge (0.1 ppm). Furthermore, Lewatit® TP 207 can also be used to remove the heavy metals, such as lead, from starch sugar processing, providing safe food to people.

Unique LewaPlus® design software

LewaPlus® is a comprehensive design software tool for combinational design of water treatment system by using RO membrane and ion exchange resin. It forms a comprehensive matching system to meet the needs of different customers and is free of charge for them. It is also the only design software in the industry covering both RO membrane and ion exchange resin.

This software offers a high degree of design flexibility – more than 10,000 possible configurations. Besides, LewaPlus® also offers a post-treatment and cost-energy calculation tool. LewaPlus® has 6 modules. In addition to the newly developed condensate polishing module, there are two modules for designing demineralization model with ion exchange and reverse osmosis respectively. Another three modules are mixed bed module, demineralization performance check module and softening and dealkalization modeling module.

The LewaPlus® design software is supported in 11 languages, including Chinese. 

Clean water for better life

Following the First China University Students Water Resources Protection and Utilization Research Competition themed “Clean Water for Better Life” last year, the second Competition will be held this year, with the goal of encouraging university students to actively participate in water resources sustainable development activities, and give play to their expertise and creativity in water protection and utilization. The numbers of participating universities and students as well as the supported projects will be increased.

The Competition, jointly organized by LANXESS and China WTO Tribune, will collect social research projects from universities. Up to 15 project proposals will be singled out and get fund for further research while LANXESS experts will provide technical support and consultation. The competition will enter the final stage in September, when the 15 projects will be comprehensively evaluated. The winner will be awarded by LANXESS.

“Nearly 70% of rivers and lakes are polluted to some degree in China and 0.3 billion people drink polluted water every day. Clean water scarcity issues are becoming increasingly prominent,” said Ming Cheng Chien. “LANXESS has been a provider of premium products for water treatment for more than 75 years. As a responsible corporate citizen, LANXESS is committed to providing safer and cheaper water.”

AQUATECH China is the largest and most important exhibition in Asia for water treatment, including drinking and waste water. This international trade fair will showcase the most advanced products, technologies and solutions in water treatment, as well as the best application cases in municipal services, industry and household uses.