LANXESS reshuffles management positions in four business units

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS is reshuffling the management positions in four of its 10 business units to provide additional impetus for its business in the consumer protection segment and benefit from the experience of its proven managers.

These five personnel changes will take effect on 1 Feb 2024. Michael Schäfer, currently head of the material protection products business unit, will take over as head of the Saltigo business unit. From the liquid purification technologies business unit, the current head Bettina Blottko will take over as head of the material protection products business unit. The country representative for the greater China region, Michael Rockel, will take over the management of the liquid purification technologies business unit in addition to his current role. Finally, current head of the Saltigo business unit Michael Zobel will take over as head of the flavours and fragrances business unit. On the other hand, the current head of the flavours and fragrances business unit Holger Hüppeler, will take over as head of the group function procurement and logistics.

“In addition to savings and structural improvements through our ‘FORWARD!’ action plan, this also includes personnel changes,” LANXESS CEO Matthias Zachert said, “We want to strengthen our consumer protection segment, which we have established in recent years.”

(Image: LANXESS)