LANXESS realigns marketing of iron oxide adsorbers

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS has reorganized the marketing structure for its Bayoxide iron oxide adsorbers. Since September, the Liquid Purification Technologies (LPT) business unit has been responsible for sales and marketing activities for this group of water treatment products. LPT is thus adding the Bayoxide E range of technical iron oxide adsorbers – produced by LANXESS’ Inorganic Pigments (IPG) business unit, which has also marketed them up till now – to its comprehensive portfolio of Lewatit ion exchange resins and Lewabrane reverse osmosis membrane elements. In order to harness synergy effects, LANXESS’ water specialist LPT will in the future be responsible for all business involving water treatment products. These are used for purposes such as removing arsenic from drinking water. Responsibility for all other Bayoxide products will remain with IPG.

LPT has been handling Bayoxide E adsorber business for all applications not relating to drinking water – such as treating wastewater, process water and aquarium water – since the beginning of 2016. “By completing the transfer, we are offering our customers across the globe additional products, services and technical consulting from a single source. We now have three different water treatment technologies, which puts us in a better position than virtually any other supplier to deliver customized solutions for users’ specific requirements,” says Jean-Marc Vesselle, who is in charge of the Liquid Purification Technologies business unit at LANXESS. “We have nearly 80 years’ experience in water treatment and are confident of also finding further attractive markets for Bayoxide products,” he adds.

Bayoxide E 33 iron oxide adsorber – an arsenic removal specialist

Elevated concentrations of arsenic in drinking water put millions of people on all five continents at risk. The acceptable upper limit of arsenic set by the World Health Organization (WHO) is 10 micrograms per liter. Bayoxide E 33 is a key product from the Bayoxide E range for removing arsenic from water. This technical iron oxide hydroxide with the chemical formula FeO(OH) is ideal for eliminating arsenic and other ions from both drinking water and wastewater. Bayoxide E 33 granules are used in a continuous solid-bed process that routes the water through one or more filled containers and binds the arsenic quickly and selectively. The product has a far better arsenic adsorption capacity than conventional adsorption media, which gives the filter a long service life.

The LANXESS Liquid Purification Technologies business unit is part of LANXESS’ Performance Chemicals segment, which recorded sales of EUR 2.0 billion in 2015.