LANXESS demonstrates end-to-end water treatment solutions at Singapore International Water Week 2016

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS showcased its quality innovations and technologies in the water industry at this year’s Singapore International Water Week, that is held from July 10 – 14, at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre. At the leading biennial event, LANXESS debuted its new reverse osmosis (RO) elements from the Lewabrane® alternating strand design (ASD) series for the first time in Southeast Asia. This brings a significant added dimension to its extensive range of water treatment solutions.

Water for life
With continued population growth resulting in increased demands on water resources, the shortage of water for both industrial and domestic use is a cause of concern for governments, corporations and individuals. The importance of water has never been more amplified, alternative water sources taking more prominence now. This is where LANXESS’ latest ASD feed spacer technology would be an ideal application, with its improved features in RO processes. Strands of various thicknesses are used for the feed spacers, and the new product family is named after this alternating strand design (ASD).

With its precise manufacturing, the unique design helps provide an optimized feed water flow in the RO element itself. The open structure of the multifunctional ASD feed spacer in general induce an equal flow distribution in the feed channel. This leads to smaller stagnant flow areas and enhances its biofouling resistance. Additionally, it reduces clogging of the feed channel and ultimately allows good cleanability, in the event of possible scaling or fouling occurring during operation of the RO element. Optimized for applications in brackish water, the FR (fouling-resistant) grades from the Lewabrane® range are particularly suitable for wastewater applications.

“Scarcity of clean water coupled with continuing increase in demand for water as living standards improve will become the biggest challenge for the ASEAN region, hence it is important to take steps to ensure sustainable water conservation and availability. With our strong portfolio of both RO and IX technologies, LANXESS is uniquely positioned to offer integrated solutions with its’ enhanced technology -the Lewabrane® ASD feed spacer – to provide the industry with high-quality and technically superior solutions,” said Tony Yang, Vice President of APAC, Liquid Purification Technologies, LANXESS, “We are excited to participate in SIWW as it provides an ideal platform by bringing together the industry players from all over the region, who will demonstrate the latest technologies in water treatment.”

Expanding its comprehensive LPT portfolio
LANXESS LPT has also expanded its portfolio with the recent inclusion of its iron oxides absorbents for industrial water and wastewater treatment under the Bayoxide® brand. The booth will showcase Bayoxide® E in 30 – an iron oxide that exhibits an exceptionally high level of abrasion resistance when utilized in water purification systems. Particularly, the product has been developed for the removal of phosphate or other contaminants from aquarium water and waste water sources.

With more than 75 years of experience in the water treatment industry, LANXESS continues to provide quality services for the customers with its existing products – the Lewatit® ion exchange resins and the LewaPlus® software. The Lewatit® ion exchange resins help to isolate and remove dissolved particles from liquids. Ion exchange resins are used for the removal of toxic substances from industrial waste water, as well as from groundwater. The production of ultra-pure water and steam contributes to a long operating life which increase operational reliability of machinery and equipment. With its Lewatit® S range, LANXESS also offers a special line of ion exchange resins for the food industry. Even the most complex separation processes can be carried out.

Complementing Lewatit® ion, the LewaPlus® is a comprehensive design software tool for the combinational design of water treatment systems through the use of RO membranes and ion exchange resins. The free-to-use software help meet the needs of different customers, and is the only design software in the industry to cover both RO membranes and ion exchange resins.

This software offers a high degree of design flexibility – with more than 10,000 possible configurations. LewaPlus® also offers post-treatment and cost-energy calculation tools. In addition, there is a newly developed condensate polishing module.

LANXESS is present at booth B2-V08 at the Singapore International Water Week from 10 to 14 July 2016 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore.

The Liquid Purification Technologies business unit belongs to LANXESS’ Performance Chemicals segment.