LACROIX Sofrel launches new website

LACROIX Sofrel has launched its new website with a complete redesign offering more intuitive ergonomics and an up-to-date design catered towards users who utilise smartphones and tablets to visit websites. The new website is adapted to different terminals and screen resolutions, and includes access to Web-Line, the documentary database for all LACROIX Sofrel customers and partners.

New content oriented towards customer uses and benefits
The new website presents a navigation choice by use case or product in order to adapt to each user. A section introduces the Smart Environment by presenting the company’s commitment and the solutions delivered to meet water and energy operator’s needs.

Numerous “Smart stories” illustrate LACROIX Sofrel products uses and benefits. The “Decryption” stories deal with fund topics concerning LACROIX Sofrel’s activity and markets. Finally, internal or external experts bring their opinions forward in “Experts opinion” regarding new technologies and challenges including IoT, cybersecurity and smart environment.

100% responsive website, optimised navigation
The website allows for 100% responsive, easy navigation from the visitor’s PC or smartphone. With regularly-updated content and an intuitive navigation interface, the website provides easy access and information research – whether in the office or on the move.

Sofrel Web-Line: the online documentary database
On the website, visitors will find a link to the Sofrel Web-Line documentary portal, which serves as a library of documents regarding the use of products and software, from new features and software updates to tutorials and user manuals.