LACROIX Sofrel adds SOFREL LS-Flow into its range of data loggers

LACROIX Sofrel, a leader in the remote management of water systems, is adding a new product to its range of data loggers. This follows the success of the SOFREL LS, the data loggers for remote meter reading and leak detection by district metering, and the SOFREL LS-V solution, which operates pressure regulating valves. The range now welcomes the new version with the SOFREL LS-Flow.

A first in the market: A “plug & play” connection with electromagnetic flow meters

Designed for the district metering of water systems and remote meter reading of “large consumers,” SOFREL LS-Flow includes a RS485 series link to the interface with Aquamaster (ABB), MAG8000 (SIEMENS) and Waterflux (KROHNE) autonomous electromagnetic flow meters. This is used to periodically read the registries on these flow meters that contain the counter and the measured instantaneous flow.

Additionally, LS-Flow reads, archives and transmits the operating alarms of these devices on a daily basis to the SCADA, enabling operators to remotely monitor the operation of their flow meters.

The device also performs the necessary calculations for the detection of leaks (e.g. night flows, daily volumes, average flow rates) with an additional analog input to allow it to power a third-party 12V sensor to measure a pressure level or monitor conductivity.

The ideal data logger for harsh environments

The SOFREL LS-Flow data logger has been designed to be installed in subterranean, submerged and power-free manholes and features technical characteristics making it suitable for use in harsh environments:

• Solid and completely waterproof housing (IP68: certified 100 days under 1m of water),

• Internal battery with extended lifetime (up to 10 years of operation)

High performance GSM / GPRS antenna

Designed with the constraints of underground installations in mind where GSM coverage can be highly impaired, LS-Flow, like all data loggers in the SOFREL range, benefits from LACROIX Sofrel’s 40 years of expertise in remote transmission. Numerous R&D investments and field experience have led to the development of a high-performance GSM / GPRS antenna that sets SOFREL data loggers in a class apart from the competition’s products.

Operation of its network on all mobile devices

LS-Flow can regularly transmit its data, via GPRS connection, to 2 PCs.  Centralisation solutions like SOFREL PCWin2 or SOFREL WEB LS web server, via HTML5 user interfaces, present the key advantage of making it possible to operate the network on any type of device (smartphone, tablet, PC).

LS-Flow, like all products in the SOFREL range, is also compatible with industrial supervisors thanks to the broad range of communication possibilities offered by the SOFREL OPC server.

Many advantages for water network operators

LS-Flow offers many advantages to operators for managing their water distribution network:

–          Remotely transmitted data guaranteed to be perfectly reliable

–          Simpler maintenance (indexing no longer required during commissioning and maintenance operations)

–          Remote monitoring of correct operation of flow meters

–          SMS alert of any changes or exceeded thresholds