LACROIX Sofrel a member of the SWAN global alliance

With 40 years of expertise in remote management of critical infrastructures for the water and energy sectors, LACROIX Sofrel has decided to join the global SWAN industrial alliance to work towards the development of smart water networks.

The management of water networks has become increasingly complex. The level of criticality for use case, reliability of communication, quality of data, and simplicity of use for connected solutions deployed in harsh environments are today’s determining elements and the voice LACROIX Sofrel will bring to the alliance.

SWAN: A strong message for the future of water networks

The SWAN Global Industrial Alliance (Smart Water Networks) was founded to optimise data processing for water distribution networks in order to enable them to become smarter, more efficient and more sustainable.

SWAN’s mission is to connect water industry professionals to create a global network for the development of smarter water networks. Alliance members include distributors, public utilities, suppliers, consultants, expert analysts, researchers, companies, network operators, and players contributing to the optimisation of networks.

Currently, the alliance has now more than 90 members, including widely-recognised names such as Suez, Veolia, Aqualia and Metropolitana Milanese SPA.

The journey to become part of the SWAN is LACROIX Sofrel’s goal to build connected technologies for a smarter environment in the water and wastewater industry.

Join LACROIX Sofrel at the next SWAN alliance conference in Barcelona from 21 to 22 May 2018.