Kurita and Fracta join hands on the “Meta-Aqua Project”

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. and Fracta Leap Inc. have successfully developed their first AI optimal operation solution. The project began in December last year and the results of the project have now shown electrical consumption have been reduced by approximately 40% and 10% respectively. In fact, the two companies were so satisfied with the results that they applied for a patent this February 2021.

Under the current project, both fully employ artificial intelligence, machine learning, simulation technologies to provide better services to customers. By the end of the fiscal year, combined services that bundle the solutions and value through cost reduction, decarbonization through DX will expand beyond its domestic market, reaching not only Japanese consumers but also those living in other countries. By tapping on artificial intelligence, the system (see figure below) will require less frequent maintenance, therefore reducing electrical consumption and hence its overall operating cost.

Overview of the water treatment process used for the actual plant verification test and issues to be addressed
[Figure 2: Overview of the results of the actual plant verification test using AI optimal operation of the RO membrane system]
Ref. 1 Results of the use of AI in the RO Membrane System

Close cooperation between the two reflects not only an improvement on historical data, but the generation of more accurate predictors regarding the efficiency and reliability of wastewater operation systems. Fracta’s backbone of data scientists, back-end engineers and product designers together with Kurita’s decades-long expertise in producing environmentally sustainable customer-centric solutions for the advancement of wastewater technologies is testament to its resounding success.