Koch Membrane Systems to Feature Spiral, Tubular and Hollow Fiber Membranes and Systems at Weftec, September 26-28 in New Orleans

Koch Membrane Systems (KMS), a global player in the development and manufacture of membrane filtration technologies, today announced it will showcase spiral, hollow fiber, and tubular membranes and systems for treating municipal and industrial water and wastewater at Weftec, September 26-28 in New Orleans, LA, booth 3335.

Koch Membrane Systems designs and builds a full range of standard, modular and custom systems for water and wastewater applications up to 500,000 mg/L. All systems use KMS hollow fiber, spiral or tubular membranes manufactured at its corporate headquarters in Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA.

Membrane systems and units on display in booth 3335 will include:

• PULSION® Next Generation Puron MBR – New PURON® Technology that introduces a large bubble in the center of a fully chambered fiber bundle creating a highly efficient cross flow pumping action, resulting in lower air and aeration energy requirements than traditional air scour methods.

• ABCOR® Tubular Membranes – Wide-channel cross-flow ultrafiltration membranes for treating oily and high solids water and wastewater applications.

• PURON® MP – Pressurized hollow fiber membrane cartridge that leverages the PURON® supported hollow fiber technology and singe end potting, eliminating fiber breaks and treating very high solids levels.

• PURON® HF – Submerged hollow fiber membrane cartridge that produces consistent, high-quality effluent with system recoveries > 95 percent.

• KMS Standard, Modular and Engineered to Order Systems – Full range of value engineered systems designed around our membrane technology to meet our customers’ requirements.

“Weftec provides the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how our full line of filtration membranes and systems provide value to our industrial and municipal customers. We look forward to showcasing how our products treat water and wastewater for consumption, discharge or reuse”, said Mark Farrell, COO Koch Membranes Systems.