Kamstrup opens new water meter production facility in the U.S.

Global leading supplier of intelligent energy and water metering solutions, Kamstrup, has opened a new water meter production facility in the United States (U.S.).

While companies across all manufacturing sectors are offshoring production, Kamstrup is bringing production and jobs to the U.S. The company’s production in the U.S. will enable close proximity between customers, production, and development in order to facilitate rapid innovation. And by adding additional manufacturing capacity, Kamstrup will be able to meet the high demand for the company’s smart metering solutions.

Kamstrup is known around the world for their automated production processes. With automated production, meters are built with repeatable precision, and is one of the many reasons why the company has a near-zero meter failure rate. Moreover, Kamstrup implements automation throughout the production process, including autonomous mobile robots to transport semi-finished and finished items and a robot to package boxes and pallets. Kamstrup also operates an ISO-17025 accredited flow laboratory to ensure the accuracy of their water meters.

The company’s focus on innovative manufacturing processes will also benefit the Georgia, U.S., business community on a whole by bringing high-tech manufacturing jobs to the area.