Kaiser steps out after a successful acquisition set for growth and innovation

Kaiser Premier, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kaiser AG based in Liechtenstein, recently acquired Premier Oilfield Equipment (POE), based in Fort Morgan, Colorado, United States (U.S.) through an asset purchase agreement, and representing a significant opportunity for the manufacturer of hydro-excavation vehicles and API 21F certified above-ground storage tanks to become a leader in markets they are currently serving, all while expanding their product diversification into wastewater markets.

“Premier developed a well-deserved reputation for providing end users with the value they deserve and the sales and service support they demand,” Warren Lindgren, vice president of Sales and Marketing, said. “We’re excited to be able to take our company to its next logical market – wastewater – with this acquisition, and through further innovation.”

Kaiser will continue to build the extensive line of patented hydro-excavators, whose rugged reliability and high productivity have earned high marks and loyalty from distributors and end users. An inflow of resources from Kaiser AG will allow additional models to incorporate its groundbreaking water recycling technology into current products, bringing previously unheard-of productivity to North American sewer cleaning customers.

Because this technology reuses the vacuumed liquids, it allows for the conservation of fresh water, requiring only a fraction of what traditional sewer cleaning vehicles demand, making them environmentally-friendly and significantly more productive, since operators don’t need to break off the job and drive to a refill site as regularly as before. Already, there are plans to incorporate this compelling recycling technology into new Kaiser products, expanding the company’s market reach.

“It’s an honour to be part of the Kaiser organisation,” Dan Weber, President and CEO of POE, said. “Our entire team in Fort Morgan is fired up about this new opportunity. Kaiser Premier can now fully serve our current markets and enter new ones with cutting-edge technology, while saving and creating U.S. manufacturing jobs.”

The Fort Morgan facility and its well-established supply base are capable of rapidly ramping up to support significant expansion, now possible with the implementation of the experience and technology Kaiser has gained and learned over the past hundred years.

“They bring a highly competent engineering staff and a disciplined approach to product development that we can leverage to our customers’ benefit,” Weber added. “We’ll be able to work with users to both modify current offerings and create new ones to meet their specific application requirements. The possibilities are amazing.”

The company is also committed to a smooth transition for its installed base.

“Dedication to our customers will continue without interruption, through the support of Kaiser AG,” Lindgren said. “Existing customers can also expect to enjoy continued high quality products, competitively priced, and backed by great service support.”

“We chose a company whose team understands what’s important to their market. There’s a lot of experience there, and we value the chance to work together to develop the whole U.S. market, rather than just on a regional basis. We have a proven technology solution, and look forward to leveraging the existing team’s knowledge and experience of their customer’s needs, to bring it to market,” CEO of Kaiser AG, Markus Kaiser, explained when discussing important considerations in the decision to acquire Premier. “We service a niche market in which our company can do effective research and development that supports innovation. We have the advantage of being Number One the world over, and can bring that to bear on developing new technology, while keeping and creating jobs.”