July/August 2019


Co-Digestion: The Way Forward
With Singapore’s water consumption expected to double by 2060, how do we as a nation look toward more sustainable efforts? Water & Wastewater Asia speaks to Dr Kelvin Koh, General Manager of the Ulu Pandan Water Reclamation Plant, to find out more.

Using the Vortex Layer of Ferromagnetic Particles in Wastewater Treatment (Part 1)
When it comes to the treatment of wastewater, seemingly simple devices can have a major effect on the processes involved. One such example would be the electromagnetic vortex layer device, used for intensifying purposes in wastewater treatment. Part one of this two-part series explores how this device works, and how it’s useful in making the treatment process more efficient.

Keeping it Fresh: Gradiant’s Claim to Fame
Founded in the basement labs of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Gradiant Corporation has come a long way – and it’s just getting started.