July/August 2018


Embracing a smart water future
The water sector is in the midst of a significant industrywide evolution, driven by an urgent need to tackle complex challenges including water scarcity, pollution, extreme weather patterns, and aging infrastructure

How PWNT’s SIX® treatment can effectively remove DOC
Some waters have elevated concentrations of DOC (dissolved organic carbon), especially in sources such as surface waters that are under the influence of secondary effluent, recreation, heavy population, farming and industry. Climate change also results in higher DOC concentrations in surface water globally.

SIWW 2018 Special
Water and Wastewater Asia talks to 83-year-old Professor Colwell (PC) in the second part of our interview to find out more about VBNC, how she discovered saris can help curb the spread of the Vibrio cholerae pathogen, widely known as cholera and how the bioterrorism attack using Anthrax in 2001 eventually led to her invention of rapid diagnostic technology to identify different strains of bacteria.