January/February 2020


The leading separation specialist
Southeast Asia (SEA) is an active and fast-evolving region. Consequently, the growing population, urbanisation and rising energy demands have brought about significant challenges when it comes to efficiency in wastewater treatment, sludge treatment, or providing drinking water as well as from seawater desalination. In addition, environmental regulations constantly add new pressures while the conservation of energy and resources remains a top priority. ANDRITZ shares how they tackle these challenges while retaining their position as a powerhouse in this region.

SIWW 2020: Climate resilience, resource resilience & smart utilities
Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) is widely recognised as one of the leading water events in the world, and is highly relevant to the urban water environment, placing emphasis on solutions, innovation and technology. Set to run from 5-9 July, the show will see its ninth edition. Water & Wastewater Asia speaks to SIWW’s Managing Director, Ryan Yuen, about what exhibitors and participants can expect from this year’s line-up.

SWRO plant at Jurong Island Desalination Plant to be “significant addition”
As one of the country’s Four National Taps, desalination has been a key part of Singapore’s water story since the first desalination plant was opened in 2005. As Singapore seeks to add the Jurong Island Desalination Plant (JIDP) to its map of desalination plants, Water & Wastewater Asia (WWA) talks to Chen Rosenfeld, Sales & Solutions Manager for Asia-Pacific at IDE Technologies, to understand how the country is doing in terms of its desalination efforts and how IDE Technologies plays a part in the process.