Investments in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment projects to augur well for wastewater diffused aerators sales, says PMR report

The global sales of wastewater diffused aerators reached 454,458 Th units in 2018, as revealed by the new research report on the wastewater diffused aerators market.

According to the study, the wastewater diffused aerators market is estimated to grow by 6.4 per cent CAGR in 2029. Increasing investments for enhancement of the wastewater treatment infrastructure in developing countries is expected to boost the wastewater diffused aerators market.

In the analysis, increasing demand for uninterrupted supply of water is driving the growth of the water treatment sector. This, in turn, is set to directly contribute to the growth of the wastewater diffused aerators market.

Furthermore, stringent rules and regulations implemented by governments for industrial wastewater treatment and conservation are contributing to the build-up of the wastewater diffused aerators market by 2029. The global wastewater diffused aerators market reflected a value of US$ 5,314.6 Mn in 2018, and the wastewater diffused aerators market valuation is likely to reach US$ 10,410.5 Mn by the end of the 2029.

Increasing focus on eco-friendly water treatment technologies propelling demand for wastewater diffused aerators

According to the statistics provided by the UN Water report, out of the total water available on the Earth’s surface, only 0.5 per cent is fresh water that can be used for consumption. The fluctuations in capability of municipal utilities for supplying sufficient volumes of usable water without interruption has resulted in requirement of wastewater treatment plants which has created a surge in the demand for wastewater diffused aerators. Furthermore, growing industrialisation has, in turn, resulted in significant increase in volumes of generated waste water, especially from energy & power generation, municipal water, and effluent treatment plants. This has increased the installations of industrial wastewater plants, which in turn, propels the wastewater diffused aerators market.

As per the study, prominent players in the wastewater diffused aerators market are offering a wide range of products with advanced characteristic properties, such as ceramic plate diffusers and Membrane diffusers. The use of membranes can eliminate the cost of tertiary treatment systems. These have the added benefit of being durable, light in weight and cost effective. Moreover, the number of manufacturers has invested comprehensively in research & development for improving the life of aerators, which gives impetus to the wastewater diffused aerators market.

Technological advancements complementing wastewater diffused aerators market growth

Increased awareness and concerns towards climate change and the need for the use of more sustainable water treatment systems are likely to result in a growth in the demand for water treatment technologies involving lower chemical consumption. Aerobic and non-aerobic water treatment methods, such as those involving the use of aeration technologies with use of filters, reverse osmosis, and polymer membranes, are expected to witness relatively fast growth in comparison to conventional methods, especially for industrial and municipal water treatment plants.

Wastewater diffused aerators market: Vendor insights

Report’s business analysis also highlights pioneering insights into the competitive scenario of the wastewater diffused aerators market and differential strategies of prominent market players. Some key players in the market are Xylem Inc., METAWATER Co., Ltd, Sulzer Ltd, Evoqua Water Technologies LLC, Air Liquide S.A., and Grundfos A.S. among others.

Furthermore, several significant players of the wastewater diffused aerators market are adopting various strategies related to the consumer demand, such as new product launch, noteworthy development in the R&D to enhance their product portfolio and upgrade their products in the aspect of technology. Moreover, the government utilities in developed and developing economies are pivoting the focus on adopting the PPP model for wastewater management, which is projected to create an escalation in wastewater diffused aerators market.

This study highlights key opportunities in the wastewater diffused aerators market and finds that the market would exhibit growth at a CAGR of 6.4 per cent during the forecast period.

These insights are based on a report on Wastewater Diffused Aerator Market by Persistence Market Research.