Introducing Cortec’s Boiler Gecko™

Boiler owners and operators now have a convenient corrosion protection solution for dry layup of the smallest boilers and their steam components! The new Boiler Gecko™ completes Cortec’s full line of water treatment “animals” for dry layup of boilers ranging from less than 100 gallons to more than 10,000 gallons (380-38,000 L). 

Boiler Gecko™ fills the gap at the small end of the spectrum (<1,000 gallons [<3,800 L]) for boilers that are not large enough to warrant the use of Cortec’s time-tested Boiler Lizard® but still need corrosion protection. As with Cortec’s other dry layup solutions, the Boiler Gecko™ presents an excellent alternative to cumbersome methods of traditional layup such as quick lime, desiccants, dry air systems, and nitrogen purge.

Corrosion protection with the Boiler Gecko™ is easy. Simply drain and cool the boiler, spray the Boiler Gecko™ into the waterside or fireside of your boiler system, and close the feed point to let Cortec’s VpCI® Technology go to work. The Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors of Boiler Gecko™ will diffuse throughout the enclosed space, forming a protective molecular corrosion inhibiting layer even on metal surfaces where Boiler Gecko™ has not been directly sprayed. When it is time to bring the boiler back into service, there is no need for product removal or additional flushing before filling the boiler and employing the normal startup procedure. The remaining product will dissolve. 

Boiler Gecko™ provides multi-metal corrosion protection on a variety of ferrous metals, aluminum, and copper alloys. It contains no heavy metals, halogens, or solvents. It does not form a solid residue and is also low odor, pH neutral, and non-flammable. Another positive feature of Boiler Gecko™ is its specialty packaging in EcoAir® bag-on-valve spray cans. These cans are powered by compressed air rather than traditional chemical propellants, making them safer to ship and store than traditional aerosols. EcoAir® packaging allows Boiler Gecko™ to be sprayed in any direction, even upside down, for easier application in tight quarters. 

Corrosion protection is an important part of successful seasonal or long-term boiler layup, helping boiler owners and operators extend equipment service life and avoid complications from rust clogging or leakage at startup. With Boiler Gecko™, Cortec® has achieved its goal of making boiler layup effective, more convenient, and sometimes even safer than traditional methods on the market.