Introducing an online communication platform in the water sector: Myanmar Water Portal

Myanmar Water Portal is an independent online platform providing water-related news, reports and documents to all Myanmar water sector. It is accessible 24/7, supporting desktop and mobile devices.

If you are seeking a compilation of news, articles, outcomes of the project, reports, documents and student thesis related to Myanmar, this is the place where you are looking for.

Myanmar Water Portal will host over 100 organisations in the following sections:

Pages, including government agencies, private companies, universities, research institutes, NGOs, start-ups and independent experts which share an active interest to make water work for Myanmar: healthy rivers, safe coasts, prosperous ports, resilient cities and communities and clean water for all.

News, which willcontain investment news, experts’ interviews and opinions, talking about the specific topics and themes which could depict the water activities in Myanmar.

Library stands for the category of reports and documents of projects and presentations and outcomes of the important workshops and seminars.

Events show comprehensive and extensive information, additionally concrete agendas, and public awareness announcements which prefer to communicate in the specific media.

Visit the website for more information: