Innovyze’s advanced GIS-Centric smart water technology selected by the Valencia Water Company

In Colorado, United States (US), Valencia Water Company (VWC) picked out InfoWater, InfoMaster, and SCADAWatch from Innovyze – a global leader in business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure – to back its smart water initiative in improving capital and business planning, as well as operational management.

A private water company with an estimated 32,000 water service connections in the Santa Clarita Valley including Stevenson Ranch, Valencia, and certain parts of Castaic, Newhall, and Saugus, VWC’s total water network extends around 364 miles (585km).

“Innovyze geocentric advanced smart water technology gives us the tools we need to help us better operate, manage and sustain our water distribution systems at maximum effectiveness and cost-savings,” Jose Leon Huerta, GISP, supervisor/planner at VWC’s Engineering Department, said. “These capabilities aid in improving our water system performance and resiliency.”

In contrast to its competitors, InfoWater’s unique network modelling technology takes every side of water utility management and protection into account, and offers the highest rate of return in the sprawling industry as a result. Built on the foundation of ArcGIS, winner of the ArcGIS Desktop Based Application Award, InfoWater perfectly melds state-of-the-art predictive analytics, systems dynamics, and optimised functionality with the robust ArcGIS setting. The suite covers everything water utility owners and operators need to design, plan, operate, secure, and sustain their water distribution systems, from dynamic water quality simulations to fire flow and energy cost analytics, and even advanced Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm optimisation.

SCADAWatch enables utilities to take advantage of and consolidate GIS, SCADA, and their hydraulic and water quality models in one single powerful business software application, and allowing actionable and analytically optimised information to flow faster. Users of the software can immediately craft, view, and interactively analyse reports of presentation quality on a real-time business dashboard that is rich in information and fully customised to their needs, and getting a perspective of system performance with no more than a single glance.

InfoMaster, certified by LACP, MACP, MACO, and NASSCO, is the first choice for utilities faced with the challenge of optimising their water infrastructure resiliency and sustainability. It is capable of accurately projecting and estimating the likelihood and consequences of failure for each individual main in the entire network, along with the amount and time of the failures in the future. This vital information expedites a proactive approach to pinpointing and managing the high-risk assets the utilities have, as well as assist them in preserving the structural integrity and prolonging the service life, keeping the network running well into the future.

Additionally, InfoMaster also removes the need for reactive maintenance. Instead of waiting for pipe failures before reacting and repairing them, with minimal effort, users can now quickly identify the assets at the greatest risk of hydraulic and water quality deficiencies or structural failure, choose the best possible improvement alternative needed for the system to perform at optimal standards, prioritise the improvement depending on the financial budget available, and achieve significant cost cuts.

On top of all that, the InfoMaster software also doubles as a base platform for advanced strategic asset management, including the InfoMaster LCCA. This effective extension allows users to determine the best scheduling for water main replacements based on an economic life cycle cost analysis.

“Progressive utilities all over the world continue to recognise the benefits of Innovyze advanced smart water technology,” Paul F Boulos, CEO of Innovyze, said. “The fact that progressive utilities like VWC continue to choose Innovyze as their solution partner clearly demonstrates the superiority of our products. We’re very proud to know that our software applications are in place at many of the world’s best-run companies of every size, helping them meet their corporate and strategic goals and achieve world-class performance at breakthrough cost savings. Innovyze is very proud to partner in VWC’s success.”


Source: Innovyze