Innovyze SCADAWatch Generation V4.5 Optimizes Operations and Water Loss Control Strategies, Opening New Frontier in Decision Making Analytics

New Version Positions Operators as a Major Force for Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, Financial Planning, Revenue Generation, Customer Satisfaction

Innovyze has announced the release of the V4.5 Generation of SCADAWatch. This powerful “out of the box” network data management and business analytics and optimization solution for water distribution systems turns traditional offline analyses into real-time, actionable intelligence for better, faster decision making and insightful recommendations at key operational touchpoints.

SCADAWatch equips utilities with the first-ever scalable intelligence X-Ray framework for proactively viewing, sharing and analyzing water operational information, key performance indicator (KPI) measures and hydraulic and water quality data in motion on a real-time business dashboard. It automatically generates comprehensive, high-fidelity performance reports to help utilities develop the optimal course of action based on specific performance objectives. Overall performance of all critical assets can be displayed both in real time and on a periodic basis (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or year-to-year overview).

SCADA systems give utilities real-time information about the status of their water supply and distribution systems. Most systems are optimized to provide fast, reliable data directly to the control room — but not to the analytics level needed for decision support and business process optimization. To create these day-to-day business analytics, water utility operators must manually extract, piece together, comprehend and analyze static data. SCADAWatch eliminates these complex offline analyses challenges, enabling operators to instantly optimize business processes from the control room using high fidelity, real-time data and analytical techniques such as business rules and statistics — providing better leverage without impacting existing systems.

Now, SCADAWatch V4.5 further extends the power of water utility operators to support business process management by converting data from any source into informative knowledge and consolidating it in one central place, then using self-adaptive processes and fully-customizable real-time business dashboards to gain an accurate view of real-time business performance. The new version enables water utilities to save time by monitoring their asset performance and every factor from uptime to analytics 24/7. They can instantly see where improvements can be made, react faster to important events and identify opportunities to drive operational efficiencies as they happen. They can also gain high visibility of past asset performance for historical comparison. These capabilities bring business intelligence into the interaction processes of the control room, automate and help optimize business performance and water loss control strategies, reduce operational costs and risk, and improve business responsiveness and customer service. It positions operators as a major force for regulatory compliance, risk management, financial planning, revenue generation, and customer satisfaction.

Using accurate network performance and operational information from real-time data, control room operators can continuously monitor their water distribution systems’ vital signs; quickly and reliably assess system integrity; and respond fast to upsets, failures, and other non-routine situations. They can also save time by viewing all key information, KPIs and data on a real-time, information-rich business dashboard customized to their needs. For example, operators can determine non-revenue water for the overall system or by pressure zone; summarize daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual water consumption; determine maximum, minimum and average pressures; and extract other business performance indicators — all with the click of a mouse.

The new version also serves as an indispensable modeling tool that will change the way water utilities worldwide use pressure, flow and tank level data to conduct zonal mass balance and water audits — delivering data that enables them to instantly view their non-revenue water and minimum night-time flows; obtain real-time warning of network performance problems; gauge loss of system hydraulic, water quality and physical integrity; and spot other operational inefficiencies. It also provides intelligent, responsive layout design to support desktops and various mobile devices, greatly expanding the utility and usability of real-time data analysis and visualization.

V4.5’s open API allows third-party field applications to seamlessly communicate with SCADAWatch, providing just-in-time data for improved planning and enabling end-to-end sharing of critical information needed to effectively solve day-to-day operational and maintenance problems. Employees from all departments can create and use role-based dashboards to gain the operational visibility they need to do their jobs effectively. Multiple dashboards can be displayed simultaneously, shared with any user in the organization and linked with mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, and Android-based devices. Users can also graphically select any number of meters for further analysis; display meter readings directly on the map, not only in dashboards; and directly connect with any sensor linkage to pictures, pdfs, videos, etc.

V4.5 fully supports all sensor categories as well as virtual sensors which can output pre-processed data (e.g., output the nominal pump speed ratio rather than the raw RPM speed data or output Valve “% open” setting rather than “number of turns.”). It also enables value mapping tables for both sensors and virtual sensors. Users can now apply icons for dashlets; access dashlet controls directly from any dashboard; use area charts for dashlets; chart dynamic start date (i.e., automatically clean up the beginning window of null values in functions that use previous n values); and send alert emails to any saved group of recipients. A new “Locate Me” button will pan and zoom to the user’s current location.

Designed to drive maximum value while minimizing implementation cost, SCADAWatch is extremely easy to learn and use. It quickly integrates with existing SCADA systems and other enterprise applications, and can be configured and running in seconds. The new version can be fully configured to suit individual utility departments’ needs, roles and responsibilities. Users can share an external dashboard link on social media with a single URL, and instantly provide a clear picture of all underperforming assets and recommend appropriate remedial actions to any mobile device. Other new benefits include full support of AQDBC transient pressure data, gauge dashlet, sensor unit conversion, MySQL database connection, and real-time data label display on maps. Enhanced dashboards of user-selected KPIs and graphing and reporting capabilities allow users to continuously see how their water networks are performing at a glance, spotting trends and analyzing, predicting and managing impending operational events with greater confidence.

“By giving them real-time visualization of asset performance on a dashboard, SCADAWatch opens new doors to business process optimization and proactive decision making for water utilities worldwide,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, Hon.D.WRE, Dist.D.NE, Dist.M.ASCE, NAE, President, COO and Chief Technical Officer of Innovyze. “This release delivers major innovations in real-time network monitoring and business analytics, greatly extending the power of big data to effectively support mission-critical network modeling applications. It gives water utilities a deep, comprehensive view into the health and operations of their water infrastructures and enables them to optimize business performance. It’s a must-have for improving not only the operational efficiency of water supply and distribution systems, but business responsiveness, customer service and the bottom line.”