Innovyze Releases IWLive Pro to Support Wider Scope of Utility Decision Making

Revolutionary New Release Powers 64-Bit Real-Time Water Network Modeling, Operation and Management, Dramatically Improves Speed and Reliability, Enables Greater Flexibility for High-Performance Analysis

Innovyze has announced the worldwide release of IWLive Pro. Designed as a multithreaded 64-bit application for Windows, IWLive Pro takes advantage of modern technology that allows users to accurately forecast water supply and distribution system hydraulics and water quality in real time, faster than ever before. With IWLive Pro, users can continuously update their network models with live operational data and achieve optimization targets related to pressure, leakage, energy, carbon footprint, and water quality and demand management. The new release delivers major advancements for operating and sustaining safe, reliable, more efficient and resilient water supply and distribution systems.

A complete solution for real-time network hydraulic and water quality modeling, monitoring, forecasting and SCADA integration, IWLive equips water utilities with powerful, mission-critical tools that are both predictive and reactive. It continuously assesses system performance and alerts operators to problems that may arise in the coming minutes, hours, or days, allowing them to quickly determine time of onset and severity and develop reliable response strategies to minimize downstream effects.

Designed for use in the water distribution control room, IWLive gives operators unprecedented decision making ability in developing real-time response strategies. They can run accurate hydraulic simulations that factor in energy costs, weather, real-time or delayed SCADA telemetry, demand history, and valve and pump control scenarios. Beyond increasing efficiency and reducing energy consumption, IWLive can help operators understand the impact of their systems on CO2 emissions as well as the effects of main breaks, pump and reservoir shutdowns, and other scheduled maintenance, and minimize the impact on the customer side.

The fully optimized IWLive interface allows operators to see a map of all water infrastructures, including background maps. Highlighted color coding shows predicted problem areas; a single click produces a detailed map showing pipes, valves, pumps, reservoirs and other water assets. Animation of the map illustrates the development of the problem, while graphs show simulated pressures and reservoir levels. IWLive can be accessed remotely over a VPN, and configured to send critical warning messages via SMS or email. It can also interface directly with SCADAWatch, allowing utilities to monitor everything from uptime to analytics; instantly compute non-revenue water; increase productivity for day-to-day tasks; react faster to important events; identify opportunities to drive operational efficiencies as they happen; improve pressure and leakage management; optimize business performance; and operate in a more modern, data-driven environment.

Available for InfoWater and InfoWorks WS, IWLive Pro is the industry premium application for real-time water network modeling. It offers major advances in performance, ease of use, interoperability and coupled GIS and SCADA technology. It allows water utilities to preserve their investments in 32-bit applications, while providing a transition path to 64-bit computing for large and complex network models that demand high-performance capabilities. This enables users to analyze very large model sizes more efficiently and economically.

IWLive Pro also delivers a number of new features and enhancements that boost efficiency and improve the modeling experience. They include a completely redesigned graphical user interface with new menus, windows, toolbars and workspace; ability to launch multiple simulation runs that can occur while others are being edited or reviewed. The new professional edition features themes for comprehensive visualization of data with the flexibility to differentiate color, symbol type, line type; thickness and visibility for different object types and other variables. Other enhancements include rapid navigation for address searching via Google, Bing or OpenStreetMap; expanded modeling control; improved model validation; faster solution algorithms; and more powerful post-processing. These features contribute to reducing the time and effort required to investigate and solve complex modeling questions associated with water network operations and management.
For a complete listing of new features and capabilities in IWLive Pro, visit the “What’s New” section in the online help.

“IWLive Pro represents another significant leap forward for real-time network modeling, directly addressing our customers’ feedback by incorporating important capabilities that improve users’ experience and their ability to monitor, strengthen and optimize their water infrastructures,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, Hon.D.WRE, Dist.D.NE, Dist.M.ASCE, NAE, President, COO and Chief Innovation Officer of Innovyze. “We realize the importance of having optimal performing systems to maximize the capabilities of our software, and we’re committed to helping facilitate that. This release will create a compelling advantage for water utilities worldwide, making it easier for them to operate, manage and sustain high-performing, highly efficient water systems — imperative in today’s economy — and meet the needs of their customers. No other company in the world can match the comprehensiveness of our water modeling solution set or provide the same level of GIS integration.”