inge GmbH presents innovative products for dizzer® XL and dizzer® L PB series

inge GmbH will introduce two new solutions at this year’s SIWW in July in Singapore.

dizzer® XL 0.9 MB 80 WT offers cost saving potentials
The new UF module within the dizzer® XL series offers 80 m² of active filtration area and yields about 14% increase in output compared with the existing 70 m2 version. By improving the Multibore® membrane’s structure and stability during production, the R&D experts in inge® and BASF jointly succeeded in creating a UF fiber with optimized geometry without making any chemical changes to the basic material and without sacrificing on mechanical stability. That means more Multibore® fibers can be packed into each dizzer® module – less UF modules will be needed. This boost in performance reduces the UF system’s footprint significantly when combined with inge®‘s proprietary T-Rack® 3.0. It also results in faster assembly times and lower shipping costs for customers.

dizzer® L 0.9 MB 40 PB features Multibore® for horizontal replacements
The latest addition to the dizzer® L PB series offers 40 m² of filtration surface with a capillary diameter of 0.9 mm, and is designed to streamline one-to-one replacement of the existing UF elements in horizontal systems on-site. This enables customers to improve the performance and reliability of their water treatment plants while maintaining existing pressure housings and without having to adjust the upstream or downstream equipment. When it comes to replacement of old UF elements in horizontal systems, inge® now offers an upgrade of the UF plant to Multibore®, the highly resilient UF membrane from inge®.

“We are very excited to showcase our latest innovations, in addition to our existing portfolio, at SIWW. Expanding our dizzer® XL series and dizzer® L PB series with new solutions will help customers to save time and costs. Our aim is to always respond to existing market requests as well as to identify new market segments for the future.” said Dr. Peter Berg, Chief Technology Officer, inge GmbH. The launch of the two new products reinforces inge®’s commitment to developing sustainable solutions for treating water. Daniela Calleri, Managing Director, inge GmbH added, “Innovations based on effective and efficient research and development are important growth engines for us. Together with BASF, inge® will continue to expand our offerings and strengthen our position as a technology leader in Ultrafiltration.”