InfoTiles makes US debut with Water Council partnership

Digital water technology company InfoTiles is demonstrating its digital analytics software in front of industry professionals and global investors at the Water Council headquarters in Milwaukee, US this month. The aim is to strengthen its global commitment to water stewardship and help expand operations into the US.

The Water Council at the Global Water Centre, Milwaukee, US

InfoTiles, which is headquartered in Norway, is said to be one of only four European water technology companies selected to take part in the Water Council’s Business, Research and Entrepreneurship in Water (BREW 2.0) programme 2023 which will conclude on 22 Jun 2023.

BREW 2.0 is a post-accelerator programme created to help young companies, focusing on expert-led sales and growth training tailored for water technology businesses. Participation also helps build connections, opens business and training opportunities to continue growth trajectories.

The programme gives access to more than 200 water technology companies and partners in the council’s global network along with connections to potential demonstration sites, including utilities, businesses and universities.

Karen Frost, Water Council vice-president of economic development and innovation, said, “We are excited to provide more resources to these water technology startups that are important to solving water challenges.”

Johnny Gunneng, InfoTiles CEO, said, “In the water sector, partnerships are important given the interconnected nature of water issues. Through this partnership and involvement in BREW 2.0, InfoTiles will leverage resources and connections with innovators to push forward the global water agenda, especially in the US, encouraging the active use of digital software to meet the demands of digital transformation in water.”

Johnny Gunneng, InfoTiles CEO, who will present at the demo day

InfoTiles was accepted into the BREW 2.0 programme with its software-as-a-service which enables the optimisation of water and wastewater management by water utilities. It can enhance allocation of water resources, reduce leakage, and mitigate the impact of water-related crises like flooding and scarcity. The digital analytics platform spans the water value chain, simplifying, consolidating and automating data in steps by applying real-time analytics and machine learning (ML). 

BREW 2.0 focuses on late-stage water technology startups ready to enter the market, or with early sales, and includes two weeks of targeted virtual training followed by an in-person week at the Water Council with a pitch event, live demonstration, and investor networking.

InfoTiles will be joined by three other European water innovation companies from France, Spain and Slovakia, and six from the US. For 2023, Xylem Innovation Labs is joining as a corporate sponsor alongside Beckhoff Automation and Thales Water Advisors.

Dean Amhaus, Water Council president and CEO said, “Xylem has been supportive of our mission to solve global water challenges through freshwater innovation and water stewardship. With Xylem’s global brand for water technology excellence, we are thrilled to be working with Xylem Innovation Labs in supporting the next generation of promising startups.”

In addition, it will offer the BREW 2.0 cohort connections to the venture capital community through a curated investor event. An assembly of global investors and its members are invited, including global water technology companies and large industrial water users.