Information regarding the absorption-type merger between overseas consolidated subsidiaries

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. is pleased to announce that Kurita (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. (KTC), which is wholly-owned consolidated subsidiary, absorbed Kurita Water Technology (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. (KWTT) as of April 1, 2021.

KTC was established in September 1987, operating a business that manufactures and sells water treatment chemicals. KWTT was established in August 2017, and has been operating a business handling the sales, manufacturing, and construction of water treatment equipment, and providing maintenance services for water treatment equipment.
In the past, these companies worked cooperatively, providing customers with a “comprehensive solution” that integrated chemicals, equipment, and maintenance services by combining their respective business characteristics.
Through this merger, we aim to enhance and further develop our “comprehensive solutions” while offering better value by both improving and reinforcing the business infrastructure so as to provide flexible solutions to customer issues, and to promote more detailed proposal activities by optimizing the management resources held by these companies.