InfoMaster WMS: Innovyze’s new all-inclusive work order and inspection management software

Global leading innovator of business analytics software and technologies in smart wet infrastructure, Innovyze, recently announced the release of the InfoMaster WMS (Work Management System) for the management of the entire lifecycle of inspections and work orders.

Available as an extension, or bolt-on, to its industry-leading InfoMaster asset management software, InfoMaster WMS enables water and wastewater utilities to manage their work orders and inspection processes with more automation and less paper. It is a completely ArcGIS-centric computer maintenance management system (CMMS) solution and saves utilities valuable time and money with its improved organisation and planning, and proactively manages all maintenance activities as well.

One of the top primary goals for utilities around the world is maintaining water, sewer, and stormwater assets in a fit-for-purpose condition for their entire economic lifespans. InfoMaster WMS is fully combined with ArcGIS, delivering a powerful integrated asset management, work order, as well as inspection solution to strategically manage all utility infrastructure assets, minimise any service disruption and environmental damage, while also enhancing customer service and operational efficiency, improving worker safety and productivity, and achieving regulatory compliance – all while making sure that all the systems are able to operate well into the future at optimal cost savings. It also gives utilities the mission-critical link between advanced network modelling and analytics, data collection and field operation, and risk and condition assessments.

“Innovyze continuously listens to customers’ feedback and is always adding powerful value added features and benefits at an incredible pace to make InfoMaster an even better asset management solution for utilities worldwide,” Tony A Akel, Principal at Akel Engineering Group in Fresno, California, said. “The new InfoMaster WMS extension is an invaluable tool to help those utilities optimise field services and repair and maintenance operations for their water, wastewater and stormwater systems with incredible speed and ease.”

InfoMaster WMS allows users to manage their service requests, field inspections, maintain their utility infrastructure assets, and work orders effectively. Without much difficulty, they are able to maintain a complete asset inventory, including condition assessments and field inspections; automate preventative maintenance schedules and maximise efficiency with work order templates; dispatch, manage, and track work progress efficiently and effectively; lengthen the economic life of infrastructure assets; and minimise the total cost of ownership.

InfoMaster WMS is specially designed to streamline all the inspection and work order processes, consolidating them all into two main user-friendly workflows. Datasheet-style input screens are added for a streamlined and confident review as well as data entry, and a calendar-based work organiser facilitates clear communication, easy adjustments, and optimum scheduling, all on the fly. Users will be able to visualise the work to be done, and those in progress, and also be able to create custom datasheets to enhance any facility maintenance activities to improve productivity with ease. The InfoMaster WMS software is capable of supporting all service requests, inspections, reminders, and work order processes, and also allows users to use their existing investments in GIS and Innovyze technology.

“Organisations worldwide face the constant challenge of sustaining and improving the performance and extending the life of their assets with limited resources,” CEO of Innovyze, Paul F Boulos, said. “The new InfoMaster WMS delivers critical tools for meeting this challenge. In particular, it lets users manage all utility assets and field operations, efficiently managing and dispatching work assignments, improving condition assessment and repair workflows, and streamlining field data collection activities. This new extension reflects Innovyze’s commitment to continuous product evolution designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our industry. Our customers count on this commitment to help make their organisations the best run in the world. We are proud to introduce this powerful new solution, knowing that it will make an immediate difference in people’s lives, our communities, and our society.”