In the wake of Harvey’s destruction, the City of Beaumont in Texas has lost their clean water

Much of the City of Beaumont’s main pump station underwater. Image credit: City of Beaumont Police Facebook page

The City of Beaumont in Texas, United States (U.S.), has lost all access to clean water due to the rising flood waters from Harvey, now a tropical storm, according to WaterWorld.

According to reports by PBS, the city’s police department had issued a statement that confirmed the metropolis had lost both its power at the main pump station along the Neches River, which provides approximately 70 per cent of the water in the city, as well as its secondary source of water from a well in a nearby county.

In total, an estimated 120,000 city dwellers have lost access to potable water, and will have to wait for the flood waters to ebb before the service can be restored. But on top of residents, the loss of water id affecting local healthcare site as well as the fire department.


Sources: PBS, WaterWorld