In-Situ introduces Aqua TROLL seven-port water quality instruments

Water monitoring company In-Situ introduced the Aqua TROLL 700 and 800 multiparameter sondes, a seven-port water monitoring instruments. This will expand the company’s Aqua TROLL portfolio, which includes both five-port and seven-port water quality sondes for a variety of surface water, coastal, groundwater and aquaculture applications.

The Aqua TROLL 700 and 800 hold six Aqua TROLL sensors and an automatic antifouling wiper

Both instruments are ideal for long-term continuous monitoring and spot checking in fresh water, brackish water and saltwater environments. Both are part of In-Situ shared ecosystem of products designed to work together from handheld to cable to communication.

“Today, we are seeing a greater demand for the larger platform across almost every application,” said its product manager Steve Sewell. “Water quality monitoring as a whole is evolving. What is considered baseline has changed to include more parameters.”

A design priority for the Aqua TROLL 700 and 800 was to make the instruments an extension of the portfolio. “We wanted the 700 and 800 to look, feel and function like other products within our water quality family, in a larger form factor,” added Sewell. “Design features will be similar to a user who is familiar with the Aqua TROLL 500 and 600, and these products interact with the same app, the same sensors — all the things our customers are familiar with.”

Available in vented and non-vented options, both the Aqua TROLL 700 and 800 connect to VuLink telemetry for remote monitoring or the wireless TROLL com for communication with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device using the free VuSitu mobile app. The Aqua TROLL 800 has internal battery power, internal logging and a micro-SD card for backup data storage.

Brock Houston, In-Situ coastal application development manager said that reliability, ease of use and reduced maintenance requirements make the Aqua TROLL 700 and 800 the most cost-effective multiparameter options available. “With proven antifouling technology, they are ideal for marine applications where biofouling can be a significant challenge,” he said. 

Sewell added that these new additions to the Aqua TROLL line reflect the company’s commitment to simplify water monitoring. “We work to balance users’ technical needs with the usability of the equipment,” he said. “It is our goal to offer products that make the job easier and deliver the best overall experience.”