In Hungary, GE’s manufacturing facility has begun production of its certified reference materials

Sievers Total Organic Carbon certified reference materials come in a full range of ready-to-use TOC and conductivity standards

According to a GE news release, Analytical Instruments, a division of GE Water & Process Technologies, recently announced that its facility in Tatabanya, Hungary – which already manufactures Sievers* Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers along with other corresponding consumables – has expanded its production capacity to include the production of its certified reference materials. Additionally, the facility’s new ISO Guide 34 and ISO/IEC 17025 certifications ensure the reference materials manufactured on-site are consistently audited, controlled, and produced according to stringent quality standards.

Although all the reference materials have a limited shelf life due to the very nature of their makeup, by bringing the production of ISO Guide 34 and ISO/IEC 17025-certified reference materials to Tatabanya, Analytical Instruments will not only be able to offer its customers in Europe with the reference materials much faster than before, it will also be able to ensure an increase in remaining shelf life for the products – and giving customers more flexibility while lowering the risk as less handling and shipping of the standards is required.

As a producer of the reference materials, the ISO Guide 34 accreditation acknowledges and confirms Analytical Instruments as capable of producing the most consistent standards due to their processes being of the highest quality. Moreover, it also shows that Analytical Instruments’ certificates of analysis complies with the strict guidelines and include all the contributing factors to uncertainty.

Sievers certified TOC reference materials are produced in an ISO Class 8 cleanroom

ISO/IEC 17025 certifies the reliability of the testing performed in conjunction with the production of the reference material. The accreditation acknowledges and confirms Analytical Instruments’ ability to produce accurate, precise test and calibration data along with the instruments needed to qualify each production lot. Additionally, the quality of Analytical Instruments’ products to its customers is further enhanced as the division is one of the only accredited TOC-certified reference material produces that cleans its own vials used in standard production, allowing full traceability and a more closely controlled process.

“Expanding production of our accredited references materials to Tatabanya improves our offerings to customers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa,” General Manager of Analytical Instruments – GE Water & Process Technologies, Thomas Buer, said. “They will benefit from decreased shipping times and a longer shelf life for their reference materials, while still receiving the same quality and level of support they have come to expect from Analytical Instruments.”


* Trademark of General Electric Company, which may be registered in one or more countries.