In Achema, ANDRITZ will present smart solutions for separation and filtration

The ANDRITZ intelligent filter press takes digitalisation one step further. Metris addIQ is the state-of-the-art control system that translates all data into intelligent filter press behaviour, making filter press operations easier and safer. IIoT for filter presses ensures that productivity is maximised

International technology group ANDRITZ will be presenting its broad range of advanced separation and filtration technologies and services at the ACHEMA fair in Frankfurt am Main, Germany from June 11th to 15th, 2018, hall 5.0, stand B7.

ANDRITZ expert specialists will be on hand to provide dedicated solutions for all solid-liquid separation and filtration demands and services, be it lithium, petrochemicals and polymers, agrochemicals and fertilisers, soda ash and technical salts, or any other demanding applications.

Addressing one of the three focal topics of this year’s ACHEMA, flexible production through digital integration of the value chain, ANDRITZ will present the Metris addIQ control system that makes all separation processes smarter and more flexible.

The Metris addIQ control system is the very latest digital innovation for separation applications and provides crucial support for customers in achieving their production and business targets. It offers added value by enhancing availability and minimising production costs by increasing overall equipment efficiency and reducing the risk of operational errors.

Features like predictive analysis allow operators to optimise availability and take preventive action to avoid downtime. Capacity and quality are easy to control and enhance with customisable systems – the Metris addIQ control system is based on the latest PLC and HMI technologies and has an integrated fail-safe system. All of the addIQ packages – Pure, Eco, Dynamic, Prime, and Flex – come with widescreen touch panels and an intuitive operator design.

What’s more, mobile connectivity features and a smart analysis function combine to guarantee operational accuracy 24/7 from any location. One important aspect is that Metris addIQ is not only suitable for new machines, plants, and processes, but can also be installed in existing facilities with minimal disruption.


Live demonstrations

Visitors to the ANDRITZ stand will not only have the opportunity to meet a team of specialists with extensive and detailed know-how in the areas of digital plant and process optimisation, sensor technology, condition monitoring, augmented reality, data security, and the digital B2B service business, they will also have the opportunity to witness live demonstrations, experiencing the added value of the Metris addIQ products and see how they can make a substantial contribution towards optimising and improving processes, operating sequences, and services.

The Metris addIQ benefits can be explored via Hololenses, which draw on augmented reality to provide information precisely where it is needed through interactive operation and maintenance. Visitors will also be able to catch a live demonstration of Metris addIQ Monitoring for immediate diagnostics and resolving malfunctions: This feature means a secure network connection to the facility is just a few mouse clicks away, allowing support to be given quickly and easily without having to travel.

The ANDRITZ intelligent filter press – consisting of Metris addIQ control systems, monitoring sensors, and the Metris SmartFILTERCLOTH – will also be on show, displaying how it will take productivity to a whole new level. Attendees will have the opportunity to see how it increases capacity, optimises process parameters, and ensures ideal process conditions for downstream equipment while enhancing process reliability and reducing unexpected production losses. One component here is the Metris SmartFILTERCLOTH, with integrated RFID tracking chip. Smart sensors collect all the relevant operational data, and sophisticated data analytics tools turn this into relevant information that can then be visualised for the operator via augmented reality.

As part of the ANDRITZ commitment to providing full service, SmartSIM has established itself as a popular innovation for operator training. Available as an interactive experience at ACHEMA, SmartSIM is a computer-assisted classroom training course that can be used at any time without affecting actual plant operation, helping operators get more out of their machinery with a minimum of training time.


Innovative Developments

TheKrauss-Maffei vacuum drum filter TSF is the most frequently used continuous rotary filter in solid-liquid separation. The exhibit shown at the ANDRITZ stand boasts a corrosion-resistant design with protected steel parts and wetted parts completely covered with a polypropylene layer, making it suitable for highly corrosive applications such as titanium dioxide and processes involving hydrochloric or sulfuric acids. The Krauss-Maffei dynamic crossflow filter DCF for purifying liquid streams without consumables, no matter whether they are high-value biological products such as nutraceuticals or chemical streams such as pharmaceuticals will also be on display.

In the centrifugation sector, ANDRITZ has developed a revolutionary discharge system for high-value applications that provides increased yield with almost no residual product remaining in the centrifuge after discharge. This not only means no product losses, but also minimal maintenance at the PUREVO pharma peeler centrifuge with new pneumatic discharge system. In the live demo, visitors will be able to see the groundbreaking results for themselves. They can also check out the ready-to-install centrifuge screen baskets by ANDRITZ for optimum capacity with any kind of centrifuge.

Other presentations include the mobile ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge CENSOR ACZ: an all-in-one plastics sorting solution for separating, washing, and dewatering that will be shown at the ANDRITZ outdoor booth at F1.0/C27. Benefits include data collection that can be scaled up for industrial-sized machinery and determination of the quantity and quality that can be achieved with the given feed material. The mobile ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge CENSOR ACZ saves time as it can be installed quickly and delivers reliable results.

The latest generation of ANDRITZ decanter centrifuges A will be introduced as a hologram exhibit. The new ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge A is a solid-bowl decanter configurable to individual process needs. It features a standard design platform that can be configured with innovative modules for a perfect fit such as various feed port systems, including the innovative GentleFeeder inlet system for less particle breakage. Additional benefits are cleaner centrate, better recovery rates, small footprint, compact design, and reduced downtimes.

Visitors can also experience the paddle dryer and fluid bed dryer technologies or explore the dewatering and drying solutions for high-purity battery-grade lithium.