In 2016, Ecolab helped businesses save 161 billion gallons of water

Global leader in water, hygiene, and energy, Ecolab, helped customers conserve 161 billion gallons (609 billion litres) of water at more than a million locations scattered across the globe. These savings, which can satisfy the drinking water needs of more than 558 million people, were highlighted in Ecolab’s 2016 Corporate Sustainability Report, published recently. The report profiles Ecolab’s pledge to help customers preserve fresh water, and lower energy use and waste, all while improving the company’s operations.

“Through unparalleled service, industry-leading innovation and real-time data and insights, Ecolab helps customers across more than 40 industries better manage the world’s limited natural resources,” Emilio Tenuta, vice president of Ecolab’s Corporate Sustainability, said.

Within itself, Ecolab has targeted a 25 per cent reduction of water usage and lowering GHG emissions by ten per cent across all manufacturing plants by 2020, against a starting point set in 2015. In 2016, Ecolab promoted water efficiency efforts and launch large projects to significantly reduce water and energy use at targeted manufacturing plants. These programmes, combined with additional initiatives slated to be launched in the coming years, will bring savings to help the company achieve its 2020 goals. By 2030, Ecolab aims to conserve 300 billion gallons (1.135 trillion litres) of water per year by reducing its own water consumption alongside its customers’ operations.