IDE Water Technologies launches Israel’s first reclamation plant

IDE Water Technologies has secured the bid with Emek Hama’aynot Water Corporation for the design, built, and operation of the Afikey Maim reclamation plant in Israel.

The Afikey Maim Facility reuses the southern Jordan River brackish/surface water, so the recently polluted river water can again be a valuable resource for agriculture and industrial use in the region. Supported by IDE’s advanced processes, the facility will provide approximately 280m3/h of water to Israel’s Gilboa area, in addition to about 70m3/h of brine for fish farming ponds.

IDE’s advanced processes addresses the high algae and organic matter concentration in the feed water, using coagulation and sedimentation, sand filtration, micronic filtration, ultrafiltration and desalination to operate at an 80% recovery rate. This ensures continuous operation and empowers the facility to increase the fresh water supply while contributing to Israel’s water economy and regional development.

Additionally, the water produced from the facility will aid the Gilboa pumped storage project, leveraging two hydroelectric turbines to compensate for evaporation losses from the reservoirs.